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The Tyndall Advantage:  Real World Experience - Increased Insights 

Tyndall solutions produce bottom-line results quickly. Business intelligence and knowledge solutions improve business performance by ensuring our clients get smarter faster. By creating enabled, closed loop business processes that blend analytics and collaboration, Tyndall solutions unleash the value of captured data and accumulated knowledge capital.

In most industries, leading organizations achieve competitive excellence by integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), electronic commerce, and other systems into their core operations.  Sustained competitive strategies must be robust and leverage information, technology, and institutional knowledge to accelerate organizational learning. Organizations must create an environment to learn from their collective actions and experiences. Robust organizations are developed with the Define --> Measure --> Analyze --> Improve --> Control --> (DMAIC) cycle that integrates:

          Transaction processing turning corporate actions into data.

          Business intelligence turning data into information and insights.

          Knowledge management turning information, insights, and experiences into collective action.

Successful integration accelerates organizational learning, resulting in continued improvement and organizational effectiveness.

Organizations supporting key processes with integrated business intelligence and knowledge management solutions maximize their return on investment. Further deploying integrated solutions to their customers and other partners, will also increase learning responsiveness, innovation, and operational effectiveness.

To apply these concepts to your business, we have grouped our service offerings and subject matter expertise into practices. Our practices, and the solutions they provide, include:




          Information Technology




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