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The real story today is the challenge of balancing the radical demands of the information economy with the disciplined execution of the traditional economy.  The best way to achieve this balance is to intensify collaboration among your customers, suppliers, internal experts, and partners.  Through collaboration, you tap into the extended “intelligence” of the enterprise.  Intelligence is gained from the hospital culture/processes, employees, customers, vendors, the industry, and the global environment.

Our area of expertise is in providing our client’s team members the tools necessary to provide meaningful change to the organization.  These tools include the metrics of “Continuous Improvement”, “Six Sigma Process Metrics”, “Process Improvement”, and “Lean Principles”.

  • Continuous Improvement – A series of projects whose purpose is to eliminate waste and improve business performance.  Our enterprise project management system was created to facilitate the process of Continuous Improvement to become a normal part of the enterprise.
  • Six Sigma Process Metrics – A group of techniques used to analyze performance to understand variation.  These techniques are focused on prevention of defects or errors rather on correction.
  • Process Improvement – The process of designing and creating an effective business process.  This seven-step redesign methodology includes: Activity Analysis and Costing, Mapping Current Process, Voice of the Customer, Best Practices, Redesign Process, Implementation, and Kaizen-Continuous Improvement.
  • Lean Principles – A systems approach to processing goods and services to minimize inventory and non-value adding activities and goods.  A five-step process to decrease cycle times, improve on-time deliveries, and lower operating costs.

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